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Inquiry About Captain Charles Lamb

on 12 September 2014.

My name is Amy Lamb Gowans.  I am the daughter of Charles (Chuck) Lamb.  My father Chuck was a pilot for Eastern Airlines for many years.  I believe he was a captain for DC-9's.  He flew out of O'Hare.  Prior to that he flew out of Atlanta.  He passed away in February of 1979.  I joined a couple of Facebook groups for Eastern Airlines.  I was just wondering if you have any way of connecting me with any past pilots or flight attendants who flew out of O'Hare in the late 70's.  Today he would have turned 89.  Can't believe he's been gone 35 years.

He flew out of ORD from 8/71 - 2/79.  Prior to that, he was in Atlanta for many years.

Thank you,

Amy Gowans, Chicago, IL

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