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on 17 December 2014.

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I hope that every former Eastern employee, including my fellow former Eastern pilots, read my recently released book entitled, “Final Destination: Disaster. What Really Happened to Eastern Airlines,” in order to fully comprehend the whirlwind of happenings that destroyed so many of our careers and lives.

What triggered my writing this book, was a heretofore undisclosed top secret meeting that took place on the afternoon of February 23, 1985 the day before Eastern was tendered to Frank Lorenzo’s Texas Air Corporation between myself, Charles H. “Skip” Copeland, at the time the Chairman of New York ALPA Council 51, and Frank Borman. At this meeting, Copeland and I offered Borman everything he was demanding from the Eastern pilots and other employees, including the total capitulation of Charlie Bryan, the then-head of Eastern’s International Association of Machinists union. This was a deal worth approximately $2 Billion, with the only stipulation being that Eastern not he sold to Texas Air. Borman, however, turned down our offer, which would have not only have salvaged our airline, but allowed it to prosper.

After that refusal, I vowed to unearth the true reason or reasons why Eastern was delivered to Texas Air, which we and Borman knew would ultimately lead to its destruction. I accomplished this by beginning at that meeting and working backwards in time. And, what I uncovered shocked me.

For the very first time you will read what I uncovered, which hopefully will bring some closure to all former Eastern employees. We were all caught up in complex events that, although we had no knowledge of them at the time, cost us all dearly.

The book is available on,, or  It is also available in most major bookstores, including Barnes and Noble.

George Jehn

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