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Remembering Captain Chester F. "Chris" Christopher

on 31 July 2015.

I am the daughter of Chester F. “Chris” Christopher, EAL Captain until his passing in 1970 from a brain tumor at the age of just 39 years old. As I remember, he was flying out of Kennedy, La Guardia and Newark before he fell ill. We lived in NJ then.


I know that during his career, he at had flown the route to Cuba. Mom remembers the time he had arrived home one day from a trip there and she woke suddenly in the night to remember she’d forgotten to put “Tooth Fairy” money under my brother’s pillow. Grabbing a handful of change off the dresser she and Dad shared, she placed it under my brother’s pillow. The next morning, a very confused little boy asked her, “What kind of money is this?” She had fun explaining why the Tooth Fairy had foreign money!

Understandably, my six siblings and I would love to hear from any EAL personnel who remember Dad and would have any stories or photos of him. Some of you I’ve met with my mother, Barbara Christopher, and my sister, Judy Christopher Parks, at REPA conventions, which we’ve attended faithfully for many years. Others of you, we’ve yet to meet, but would delight in anything you care to share about our daddy.

Dad would have been 84 this year, so you may understand our urgency in finding those who knew him. He is still our hero.

Diane Cosgrove

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