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Neal Holland request regarding video of the crash of EAL Flight 980

on 08 February 2016.

Neal Holland has asked that we provide the below link to the EALRadioShow website…
When there you can see a video regarding the crash of Eastern Flight 980… You will need to register on the website before you can see the video. Registration is free but you must have a username and password to log in.
Jim Holder


Would you please email the membership the following Notice regarding Ray Valdes' video about Eastern Flight 980.  Video is of poor quality, but can be viewed with all the details.

Also, when starting the video on the website by double clicking it will put the video in full screen.
We have loaded on the Video page the video documentary by Mr. Ray Valdes of the tragic crash of Eastern Flight 980.  This video has been requested by many of the Eastern family and we proudly present it here on our website.  Go to the Video section on the website -,

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