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Additional Message on the Crash of Eastern Flight 980 video

on 12 February 2016.

We received a request from Eastern Radio Show host Captain Neal Holland (REPA Member) to send the below message...

Jim Holder

To All Radio Show Website Members

Eastern Flight 980 Video has been an instant success. Within 48-hours of putting the Video on the website it has had over 310 views.

This is a very important video made by Mr. Ray Valdes of the climb up Mt Illimani, Bolivia to see the crash site and wreckage of Flight 980. We hope it will be the impetus of a complete and thorough investigation as to the cause of this tradegy.

Consider that no bodies were recovered and no "black" boxes were found even though the section of the aircraft that housed these recording devices was exposed.

Lots of questions need to be answered that the Federal government and Eastern were unwilling to provide about this great tradegy. If you want to help in getting answers please let us know.


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