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on 01 July 2008.


I found your name and email address on the Eastern Airlines Employee listing. I am doing a genealogic search of my family history and am hoping to find someone who may have known John Adams Whitley III, a pilot with Eastern Airlines out of Miami in 1966.

John Whitley was married to Mary. They had a daughter named Anna, and a son who went by either John or Jack.

If you know anything about J.A. Whitley, and could help me, please reply to this email or feel free to telephone collect to 802-722-3119.

Thank you for your time,

We later did some searching for Jasmine and discovered that the correct name apparently is Adam John Whitley III, as we had a Captain A. J. Whitley, who hired on at Eastern on March 28, 1955 and on December 2, 1974, he was holding a bid in Miami as a Captain on the DC-9… Per ALPA HQ he took a Medical Retirement sometime in 1977 and perhaps moved to Spain…. Anyone who even knew Captain Whitley is requested to contact Jasmine at the above EM address…

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