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Information wanted concerning James E. Hartley and his family (Boston Hijacking)....

Attn pilots, f/a's, ground personnel who were around during the hijacking of James Hartley. If any of you can help his family member, it would be a gift. Meanwhile, where IS that bust that used to be in the lobby? Anyone know?

Alexa Conway
Former EAL F/A and REPA Member

See below

I contacted you all several years ago about my cousin, James E. Hartley, and received a great response.

I am still wondering what happened to his bust that was located at the James E. Hartley Training Center in Miami.

I am also attempting to locate the radio transmissions from the hijacking.

I had the report and my laptop was stolen.

Please help me put the word for any items I may secure about my cousin.

My uncle also worked for Eastern as troubleshooter jet mechanics.  Their names we're Wade Hasty and Edward Hartley.  Uncle Ed was Jim's father.  He died in 1974. 

I have been looking for Uncle Wade's children, Charles and Barbara.  I believe they lived in Miami Springs and then moved near Miramar, Fl.  His wife's name was Kitty.

Thank you,

Patricia(Pat) Hartley

Bobbi Wolverton - Beyond the Smile

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Bobbi Wolverton

Can you help this fellow find out what the Eastern Pilot saw?

(clearly a long shot!!!)


Currently, I am engaged in research concerning the second cruise of the German unterseeboot U-123 along the Georgia coast on 8 April 1942. 

For your guidance, U-123 spent the daylight hours submerged south of Savannah, off the coastal barrier island in Wassaw Sound, then surfaced at sunset, and cruised on the surface toward the port city of Brunswick, GA; where it encountered and sank two tankers, SS Oklahoma and ESSO Baton Rouge, respectively. 

A log entry dated 8 April 1942, 0305 hours, made by J. F. Maloney, Lt (j.g) USNR, in the U.S. Navy's Eastern Sea Frontier daily war journal stated: 

At 0305 12 miles N/E of Brunswick, Georgia an Eastern Airlines pilot saw gunfire and explosions below. Planes were sent to the vicinity immediately and at daybreak at 31°-22'N; 80°-53'W a still smoking hull with no personnel aboard was sighted. Three boatloads of survivors and one dead person were landed at St. Simons Island. Name of ship may be WILMERDING.

This ship was in fact not the Wilmerding, but the Texaco tanker S.S. Oklahoma being subjected to twelve rounds from the 10.5 cm deck gun of U-123, which sent her to the sea floor.  

This region of Georgia was situated along the Richmond - Jacksonville - Miami air route. 

I am trying to learn:  

1.) Which Eastern Airlines Flight this might have been
2.) Who the pilot was
3.) Which type of aircraft was he flying, DC-2 or DC-3, and finally,
4.) Where might I obtain a copy of the flight log for this voyage.  

Can you help me, or point me to a source which might contain the answers to my questions? 

Thank you for your time and consideration in this endeavor. I look forward to your reply. 


Michael P. Higgins

Looking for an Eastern pilot approximately late 80’s named Pete O Dell. Thank You
Calvin Lee
149 Celery Ave. N
Jacksonville, Fl. 32220
Trying to find Frank Causey and his wife Phyllis
old roommate

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