EAL Radio Show Episode 320 Memorial Day


EAL Radio Host retired Eastern Captain Neal Holland recognizes that REPA is, and has been, a major sponsor for the Eastern Radio Show each Monday night at 7:00 PM.

He has therefore asked us to invite all those on the EALinfo Email Net to listen in next Monday night (May 29th), as the theme on Episode 320 will be the honoring those who did serve or now are serving in our Armed Forces: Monday being Memorial Day!

One can listen in by phone, 1-213-816-1611 or by going to, and there click on or going straight to

There look for On-Demand Episodes then find EAL Radio Episode 320 and click on the start arrow to the left and you will be listening (and talking if you have a microphone plugged in on your computer).

Clearly the simplest way is by Cell Phone call to 213-816-1611!

If you are planning to join in on the conversation please make sure that there are not any background noises, such as TV’s, other conversations and so on…

Jerry Frost, REPA Treasurer

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