Special Message about December and January Atlanta REPA Luncheons


Shade late on the Atlanta REPA Luncheon Reminder (the Falcons – Hated Saints NFL Game Thursday night got me all messed up!!!)…

Anyhow we do not have a program for the Tuesday, December 12th Luncheon so bring a story and/or joke or you will be forced to listen to Virgil’s and mine again!!!

Want to give you a “Heads-Up” for the January 9th Luncheon though….

Jim Towne, son of Eastern Captain Paul Towne, will be presenting an A/V program on Captain Towne and his crew, about their Miracle Flight back in January 1974, where they immediately lost the 2nd engine on a L-1011 Two-Engine Ferry Flight taking off out of Mexico City….

You don’t want to miss it!!! (Hint! They never got above 400 feet!)

As usual we meet at the Piccadilly starting when it opens at 11:00 AM….

It is still on Godby Road, just East of Old National Highway…

Jim Holder

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