REPA Members Bill and Susan Reeves selected for the Inaugural GSU Athletics Hall of Fame


REPA Affiliate Member Frankie Talton (who ran our Convention Cash Sales for decades) just informed us (proudly) that her sister and brother-in-law (Bill and Susan Reeves) have been selected for the first ever Wall of Fame at the Georgia State University...

As most will recall Susan ("Su" on her nametag), along with Michele Tully, have been in charge of our REPA Conventions for 20 or more years (the president each year just thought he was in charge!)...

We are very proud of both Su and Bill!!!!

Below are more details on this prestigious Award...

Jim Holder


Inaugural GSU Athletics Hall of Fame Class Announced

Georgia State announced its inaugural Athletics Hall of Fame Class on Monday.

The 10-member class will be honored on the field this Saturday as football takes on Liberty in the annual Homecoming game at 3:30 p.m. in the Georgia Dome.

The group will formally be enshrined at the annual student-athlete banquet next April when the Wall of Fame will be debuted.

ATLANTA –The inaugural Georgia State Athletics Hall of Fame Class was announced on Monday, an elite group of 10 that dates back as far as the 1930s. The group will be honored at the football game this Saturday as the Panthers take on Liberty in the annual homecoming game at 3:30 p.m. at the Georgia Dome.

The inaugural class includes three coaches, three male student-athletes, three female student-athletes and a husband-wife duo who has contributed greatly to the success of Georgia State.

After being honored at this weekend’s football game, the inaugural class will be brought back to campus in April for the annual Student-Athlete Banquet to receive their plaques and for the unveiling of the Wall of Fame in the GSU Sports Arena.

The inaugural class includes: Terese Allen, Charles “Lefty” Driesell, Don Floyd, Rodney Hamilton, Bob Heck, Bruce LaBudde, Sheryl Martin, Kevin Morris, Sarah-Jane Mungo and contributors Bill and Su Reeves.

The Hall of Fame Election Committee was appointed last spring with the task of creating guidelines for nomination and selection. This same group decided the inaugural class in early September.

A total of 76 nominees were among those on the ballot for the inaugural class. Georgia State started competing at the NCAA Division I level for the 1963-64 season, however, limited independent teams existed prior to that season, including tennis.

Among the criteria for inclusion in the Georgia State Athletics Hall of Fame is a five-year window once a student-athlete exhausts their eligibility and a college degree. Coaches and administrators must be removed from their position for a minimum of two years.

Tickets for this Saturday’s Homecoming Game are available by calling 404-413-4020 or by visiting

Bill and Susan Reeves (Contributors) – A pair who have done everything in their power to help Georgia State athletics over the years.

Among their many contributions are the building of the Reeves Field House at baseball in 2003. Bill graduated from Georgia State in 1959 with a degree in business before starting several business opportunities, while Su was given the title of honorary alum from the Alumni Association.

He has served as chairman of the Georgia State University Athletic Association Board of Trustees and on the Georgia State University Foundation Board.

Su has been a proud supporter both financially and on the sidelines of the Georgia State Spirit Squads. She can be seen at most sporting events scoring along from her seat, though most of the time standing and cheering for all Georgia State student-athletes.

Request for Petition concerning Crash of Eastern Flight 980

Most will recall the crash of Eastern Flight 980 into the mountain near La Paz, Bolivia... The Second Officer on that flight was Mark Bird...

REPA Member Captain George Jehn very recently published a book about this accident and the subsequent theft of our airline by Lorenzo...

Last Monday the Eastern Radio Show, started and hosted by REPA Member Captain Neal Holland, had this crash as the subject discussed by the call-ins...

One call-in was Stacey Greer, daughter of Mark Bird... Another was George Jehn who asked that we post the below message on the EALinfo Email Net... George believes our signatures might go a long way to finally getting a fair hearing on the Flight 980 crash?

Hello Everyone,

If you recall, Mark Bird was the Second Officer on Eastern Flight 980 that crashed on Mt. Illimani, outside of La Paz, Bolivia.

His daughter, Stacey Greer, was on the Eastern Radio Show last night, along with the Gerber brothers, Mark and Allen, and Christine Negroni who runs the blog, Flying Lessons and is writing a book about the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370.

Stacey has begun a petition to open an investigation into numerous items that were never investigated surrounding the Flight 980 disaster.

There is a link below to add your name to it. Please add your name and give this the widest distribution possible.



Thanks, tonight was interesting listening to everyone. I didn't know there were people that still care. I’ve started a petition. Here's the link

What really happened to Eastern Airlines? Listen to EAL Radio Show Monday July 13th, 7 p.m.

On January 1st, 1985 at approximately 8:38 p.m., Eastern Airlines Boeing 727 Flight 980 piloted by Captain Larry Campbell, was conducting a routine flight from Asuncion, Paraguay, to La Paz, Bolivia. It crashed into the Andes Mountains outside La Paz, Bolivia's John F. Kennedy International Airport.  All twenty-nine souls on board were killed.

What might have transpired in the final moments between the pilots' acknowledgment of a descent clearance to 18,000 feet in preparation for landing at La Paz and the jet's devastating impact with Mt. Illimani?
Guests on Monday evening will include two brothers, Captain Allen Gerber and Mark Gerber who represented the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA), along with the NTSB investigating team making the expidition up the slopes of Mt. Illiami in October, 1985.
Was this crash one of the pieces to the question which begs an answer: "What Really Happened to Eastern Airlines?"
Please listen to Episode 225 on the EAL Radio Show Monday, July 13th at 7:00 p.m. See you at the Gate.  Go to:, or look at the sidebar.

2015 REPArtee Magazine in the mail!


We are happy to tell you that, a few days early of our goal (May 31st), the 2015 issue of REPArtee was mailed on Friday, May 29th… If you paid for First Class Postage it probably will arrive today (June 1st) or more likely tomorrow…

But we all know about the Post Office…

For example a check was mailed to me on April 12th however it never showed up so the buyer (of my RV) had to stop payment and hand deliver another check… Last Thursday (May 28th) it arrived, some five weeks later, having been postmarked April 13th… Oh Well!

Anyhow those getting their copy via Standard Mail should expect it in 6-7 days but it could be much longer… Oh Well!

The magazine will have a large color section all about the upcoming REPA Convention, set to start on September 8th… Of course it will have the Registration Form and its Instructions as well as the Schedule of Events…

Also, in living color, you will find a large section which is a report on the 2014 REPA Convention that we had last September in Savannah… If you were not there you missed possibly the best REPA Convention ever (and that is saying something!)…

And in the magazine you will see, sadly, one of the largest lists of deceased Eastern Pilots, wives and Affiliates we have ever had… The "In Memoriam" section is also the largest ever…

Scattered about you will find, hopefully, other items of interest including another in the ongoing list of "Memorable Flights", this one titled “Those Little Cherry Pastries”…

Remember (and you will see it mentioned in the magazine several times) the first 25 to send in their Registration form and check will be eligible to win a free night at the convention, the drawing to be held at the banquet the final night…

Hope you enjoy our magazine!!!

Jim Holder, Editor

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