Addenda to the new Bronze Memorial!!!!

Eastern Airlines Pilots Memorial Display


As all should know by now, even after a year or two of work on the Eastern Pilot List, we realized we missed some names for the new Bronze Memorial at the Atlanta Airport. This of course was after it was completed!

This Memorial is approximately 14 feet wide by 4-1/2 feet high. Each large plaque weighs over 200 pounds with each name etched into the 1/4 inch thick bronze plates. For a more detailed description you can read the small plaque located between the two larger ones. This display is located at the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (Domestic North Terminal) at Atlanta, Georgia. The memorial location is through the entrance door N5 at the North Terminal, walking straight ahead to the small hallway. The display will be on your right.

These plaques include a representation of almost 7,000 names of living and deceased pilots and flight engineers who flew for Eastern Air Lines since 1928. Date of hire with Eastern is shown next to the name.

We plan someday to mount the Addenda with those missed names but in the interim Richard Nichols (of Art on Disk Corporation, who created our new website a few years ago) has created a virtual replica of it on our website. And he did an amazing job!

Jerry Frost then made a new Gigapan (very, very sophisticated software) of the new Bronze Memorial with the very new Addenda and you can see it by clicking on one of the links below.

As with the original Gigapan the viewer can zoom in to the extent each name can be read.

And if you wish to view it on the Silver Falcons website you can do that too!

We invite you to visit the new Bronze Memorial, online!!!!!

Jim Holder

Eastern Airlines Pilots Memorial Display

Eastern Airllines Pilots Memorial Display

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This Bronze Memorial contains 6744 names of pilots who have worked for Eastern Airlines throughout its history. It is located along a major corridor near the North Terminal N5 entrance at The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

Report on the May 19th Atlanta EAL Flight Ops Picnic Fly-in

Bob Fuhrman has provided us with his video of the May 19th Fly-In:

Our Host, Virge Tedder, picked a fine day for our 20th + Annual EAL Flt Ops Picnic and Fly-in, as the skies were clear, the humidity was low, the temperatures were mild and the winds were well within the capabilities of those eleven pilots who flew in!!!!

Once again we met at the home and hangar of REPA Affiliate Member Carolyn and Mac McGaughey, located at Eagles Landing in Williamson, Georgia…

The first airplane arrived a little early, at 10:00 AM, and they continued to fly in right up to the start of our BBQ Dinner at 12:30 PM… By then the crowd had gathered and many old friendships were renewed, as well as some new ones started…

The BBQ, again arranged for by Dick Garner, was excellent, as attributed to by the fact that after 105 meals were served, none was left!!!!

Flying in (in no particular order) were Charlie Brown (Skybolt), Wendell Haley (C-150), Ernie Bagwell (Champ), Mick Hudson (Czechoslovakian LSA). Tia Robertson (Luscombe), Bob Burson (C-172), Jim Holder (Champ), Steve Holder (Apache with a Geronimo Conversion), Phillip Robertson (C-170), Joe Wolbert (Apache) and Neal Carlisle (C-172)…

As we started to line up for our dinner, Virge asked our Atlanta REPA Chaplain, Lew Rabbitt, to Give Thanks… Before doing so Lew remembered some who were no longer with us, including former Atlanta REPA Host Jim Friday, who had just passed away, one week earlier…

Lea Johnson gave us an update on his son, Mark, who is in his 13th year with ALS… Now well over double the normal life expectation and doing quite well too! He is a volunteer at hospitals, among other activities… Lea then gave us a bonus of two very funny stories, one titled Looking Back on It…You would have to have him tell it to you to understand!

As the drawing for Door Prizes commenced Virge once again thanked Carolyn and Mac for their hospitality, allowing us to have our Picnic and Fly-in at their home…

He then recognized the newest pilot among us, that being Ian Robertson, son of former Eastern Pilot (and now United Captain) Tia Robertson and Phillip Robertson… Ian had soloed only two days before!
Virge then presented the very large number of Door Prizes, contributed by Ben Aiken (shirts), Jim Whitlock (painting, prints and decals) and McGaughley’s (assorted items from their aviation collection)…
The winners (in order) were:

Bill Bennett………..
Alice Tedder………
Jim Holder………...
Marty Tabacchi…....
Jerri Johnson………
Don Teel…………..
Joe Wolbert……….
Johnny Johnson…...
Ian Robertson……..
Myron Ramsdell….
Windy Wingate…..
Kitty Kelley………
Bob Fuhrman……..
Bob Burson……….
Dick Burnette…….
Connie Scruggs….. 

dark blue Ben Aiken shirt
EAL Connie print
Knights of the Air book
large framed EAL Connie
Martin 404 print
Sopwith Camel Model Kit
EAL Electra print
light blue Ben Aiken shirt
white Ben Aiken shirt
EAL Connie over NYC print
USAF F-86 model airplane
B-727 decal
Hat in the Ring print
B-727 decal
B-727 decal

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