Larger 275 Pound Plaque Going Up!!!!


Click to EnlargeLast night about 11:00 PM we were successful in putting the second and final (and also largest at about 275 pounds) Bronze Memorial up!!!!

As you can see from the attached photo, taken by Jerry Frost, that it took a lot of muscle to get this one up, actually that was the first try after which Bob Drawdy and I dashed over to help out on the second try! Which worked, as we got it on the ¼ inch ledge and shortly thereafter the eight screws were in place, firmly holding it up!

Very shortly we plan to have an Official Ceremony at which the new Memorial, containing the 6744 names of all who flew for Eastern Air Lines prior to March 4, 1989, will be unveiled…
We will advise you of the date and time of this ceremony via Email and the REPA Website….

Jim Holder

Forty Years of Tablets Removed from the Bronze Memorial

Last night, November 30, 2011, after almost 40 years listing those Eastern Pilots who have Flown West, all the tablets on the Bronze Memorial at the Atlanta Airport were removed!

As all should know by now this was the first step in placing on the remaining frames what we hope is a complete listing of all 6744 Pilots and Flight Engineers who flew for Eastern, starting in the late 1920’s up to March 4, 1989. Compliling this list took hundreds of hours over the last 18 months…

Click to EnlargeClick to Enlarge

As you can see by the two attached photographs, Jerry Frost and his wife, Marge, Bob Drawdy and his wife, Kitty, and Jim Holder with his wife, Carrie, dressed warmly, on a cold and windy night, spent over two hours removing the tablets. We had to go out there very late as the airport did not want us to interfere with traffic flow in the cross-thru where the Bronze Memorial is located… Interestingly we had many comments from passing passengers and employees as we worked… Some indicated that their father, grandfather or friend was listed on the memorial…

As the photos show the frames are now empty with only the dividers remaining to be removed. Hopefully this will happen within a week or so and in their place will be placed the two large sheets of bronze with the 6744 names shown… The two sheets remain safely in the back of Bob Drawdy’s truck (in his workshop) for the present time as we (and the Airport Authority!) want them to be placed on the frames by professionals…

There will be much more on this project in the upcoming winter 2012 issue of REPArtee, planned to be mailed no later than the end of January…

Jim Holder

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 New REPA Website!!

Welcome to our new website! Jerry Frost and I contracted with Computer Specialists and Web Developers Richard and Norma Nichols, who have spent the last four months constructing your new REPA pages… The old site served us well for about 14 years but had gotten quite stale… As you can see we have a new format which retained some old pages and dropped others.

We hope you enjoy it! Visit it often!!

Jim Holder

Great News!

For those with winter or summer homes and especially for your Editor!

Our Treasurer and Keeper of the Database, Jerry Frost, has been working on a program that will enable him to keep TWO (2) Address of Record for those needing same· He reports that it is now up and running. So effective immediately those with winter or summer homes (or any others who might have two addresses and who would benefit from this new program) should contact Jerry (or your editor) and give us the below information.

(1)Your primary Address of Record including telephone number and E-mail address if desired·
(2) Also your secondary Address of Record including telephone number if one there. This would be the summer or winter home for most folks· (3) Now this is very important so make sure you have it down pat! We need to know the Date you will be going to and returning from your secondary Address of record.

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