Wednesday, July 6, 2011 New REPA Website!!

Welcome to our new website! Jerry Frost and I contracted with Computer Specialists and Web Developers Richard and Norma Nichols, who have spent the last four months constructing your new REPA pages… The old site served us well for about 14 years but had gotten quite stale… As you can see we have a new format which retained some old pages and dropped others.

We hope you enjoy it! Visit it often!!

Jim Holder

Great News!

For those with winter or summer homes and especially for your Editor!

Our Treasurer and Keeper of the Database, Jerry Frost, has been working on a program that will enable him to keep TWO (2) Address of Record for those needing same· He reports that it is now up and running. So effective immediately those with winter or summer homes (or any others who might have two addresses and who would benefit from this new program) should contact Jerry (or your editor) and give us the below information.

(1)Your primary Address of Record including telephone number and E-mail address if desired·
(2) Also your secondary Address of Record including telephone number if one there. This would be the summer or winter home for most folks· (3) Now this is very important so make sure you have it down pat! We need to know the Date you will be going to and returning from your secondary Address of record.

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